Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa Claus #countdown 7

Santa fever is seen everywhere now with Xmas round the corner. That time of the year when small kids look forward for gifts of their choice. When we were young, we never knew this concept of gift as such. At least I don’t recollect getting gifts from Santa. 😓

This year got the Santa gift got well in advance. Every year he keeps looking forward for his share of booty. He really thinks Santa comes and fulfills his wishes which he has mentioned to me or in a paper. Want to let him indulge in these thoughts for some more years. Once realities of life hit them, they won’t even appreciate the gifts. Feeling bad already thinking of the day he would get to know that there’s no Santa and only mom dad used to buy gifts in Santa’s name.

If there's Santa somewhere and reading/listening to wishes please gift people with lots of smiles and happiness and peace.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all wonderful friends and families.

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