Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Promotion..really? countdown # 10

The other day was watching TV, surfing channels out of boredom. Weekends are boring. The same movies are repeated by the channels. Happen to surf new channels too. The only thing common in all the channels were film actors promoting their film.

Promotions these days have been very aggressive. Every other channel, serials, reality shows, brands the actors endorse everywhere we get to see the same trailer. So much that i even started dreaming them. L. The only thought that come to my mind when I keep seeing them everywhere is “Too much cook spoil the broth”. The novelty of their pairing and the charm is lost.

Almost all the newspapers carry the same interview with different titles. The serials the actors do a special appearance in, I doubt they are even aware of their existence. Earlier also films used to release but they never used to be so much marketing. They used to promote maybe by giving interviews maximum 1 or 2. Nowadays for weeks we read the same interviews or watch the same clippings.

Good films even if not promoted with so much aggression would work well. The mantra these days seems to be only publicity; good or bad.
What’s your take?


  1. The child who cries gets the Milk. The movie trailor which is promoted/hammered through TV channels get maximum attention. The success of a movie today is first three days collection. All this promotion and hullahuh is for this first three days. Today everyweek atleast 3 to 4 movies get released. We don't even remember the names of actors but one after one movies are released. Movies which has models more than actors, movies which has body more than soul. Even a good story is spoiled by mindless models who come through as actors.

    Where are those real actors. Is the movie only about 6 packs or a well toned body. Movie is visual extension of story telling. Stories are not only about perfect people. Infact there is nothing about perfect people. We all are distinct characters some who have interesting stories, some have rare stories, some have just common stories. A good director will find this stories in the society, get the real life characters and prepare a screenplay. Then use good actors who can fit this roles perfectly. And then give us a visual presentation.

    Promotion is needed but today noise is made by those movies which has the worst stories and big budget. Good stories with small budgets always lag behind. But with social media good movies do get noticed. But still there are hundreds of crap movies which are produced every year in the name of entertainment. I also disagree on the treatment given to the movies. The crisp editing, complex screenplay in all movies don't give it the feel of movie experience. Music too is not one which helps to retain the same in our memory. Performance are again by models and not actors. So whatever is the promotion strategy a movie enthusiast would like to be treated in a better way. Let new directors use new technology but they can surely learn from old directors on methodoly of story telling for indian audience.

  2. Kavita...i think yu are ignoring the fact..these movies are producded by corporations these days....infact the whole film making industry is been given the status of coporation...like every coporation publucity pays dividends in most of the cases.....morally promoting movies is not wrong


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