Friday, December 04, 2015

Pray for Chennai

So much happening around us that sometimes I feel we just have to stand back and just watch what unfolds. There are many situations in life when even though you feel bad you can’t help. When nature decides to unleash it fury all become helpless.

Chennai is having the worst time of their life. Power cut, no food, no water. Breaks my heart to see family worried, crying for people there and not being able to reach out or speak to them. But when I see good Samaritans volunteering to help people I feel good that humanity is still there left. People offering homeless shelters, food is heartwarming to see.

Yesterday, parents from school in Bangalore had decided to send some relief materials to Chennai and the response I saw was overwhelming. There were so many materials. Foods, blankets, and medicines so many people came out with such short notice. It’s one thing to be in a position to help, say about helping and another thing to do. I was very proud and blessed to see people coming to help instead of just talking.

Hats off to the spirit of Chennai where people are helping, holding each other. A big salute to rescue team who are relentlessly working. Hats off to people in other cities too who are making an effort by sending across materials.

Praying for you Chennai, this too will pass. Proud of you Chennai for putting up a brave fight. We all are with you in this darkest hour.

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