Thursday, December 24, 2015

My space Countdown # 8

One of the best things happened to me this year is my food blog. It had always been there in my mind to have one. I used to just keep thinking and never felt adequate enough to write one as there are so many wonderful food blogs. But one fine day I just started writing and just published it without any backups.

Although a month now, I am really enjoying and try making new dishes just to update posts there. The good thing about this is that I have again started experimenting which for some reason had taken a back seat. I am an amateur, learning to click pictures for the blogs, I am learning this process to be creative with presentations and yes I am enjoying it very much.

Maybe my blog won’t be a big hit or may not appeal to many people but I am happy to have created that space for myself. Learning and trying new things has no age. It just needs the courage and an open mind to try new things. And yes makes me feel good when someone refers to the recipe and messages me that they tried and liked.

You can check my food blog here

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