Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Being alone

These days I have been in self evaluating mode and have always felt I won’t be able to survive the phase where I would have to be alone for longer times without being driven crazy. But yes, they have also thought me to be in touch base with myself and trust me when I say I have felt great after knowing myself a little more.

Imagine with so much advanced technology and so many apps to get you connected, a phone full of numbers, but no one to chat to when you feel down. I am sure we all go through this at some point.

I have always felt that not all emotions can be expressed over the phone or chat. Sometimes just sitting around with your favorite people in the room without chatting also makes you feel great.

Being with self is something we all need to do. Know what your thoughts are, and you would be surprised to know that we all have strength and lots of positivity within us just that we never focus or listen to it. I always had a problem that whenever I am alone all negative thoughts keeps creeping in my mind. Then I started reading about this and now I try to look at the positives and be happy. It’s not very difficult to focus on happy memories and yes it really helps.

This post is triggered because these days with so much opportunities, either of the husband/ wife is travelling and the one staying alone would feel lonely. The trick is to listen to good music, read humorous books, watch comedy shows / movies and laugh your guts out. ๐Ÿ˜š

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