Wednesday, December 09, 2015

A thought on cell phones

These days you hardly find people without cell phones. Everyone has one and is always busy talking to someone. Sometimes I wonder whether the evolution of cell phones have helped us or done more damage by making us plain lazy.

I finally understood how the older generation must be feeling if the person going out doesn’t return on his normal time. I start getting all dark thoughts the moment the cell is not reachable .But I also think twice before calling, what if the person is driving? Or maybe busy with some urgent work?? These thoughts console me for some minutes then again I find myself dialing the number.

I reminisce my younger days when dad used to be very late on some days. Mom used to sit by the window till she sees him coming. Even though she would be worried sick and even if she had all the dark thoughts she would never show it, keep it to herself she used to be hungry; tired but then too she won’t eat her dinner till dad comes. I wonder how they all survived without cell phones or Landlines. Then the Landlines brought some relief as we could at least be informed if we are late.

Cut to present, a day without a cell phone would be something shocking/surprising. Leave day even some hours without it would create a record. Gone are the days when we used to go to meet friends, if we wanted to talk; now we have around many friends and no time to even talk virtually. Sad but true.


  1. We are connected all the time, but still disconnected. Sometime off without our gadgets may give a new perspective to the perennially connected among us.

    Hmm!!! A thought for the new year?



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