Sunday, November 01, 2015

Book Review#15: Krishna'sKonfessions: Smita Jain


How far would you go to get what you want? a) steal b) scam c) seduce. For Kkrishnaa, the 20-something, impulsive, gutsy and unapologetically ambitious scriptwriter of television soap operas, the answer would be d) all of the above. And what she wants most right now is to retain her long-running, hugely successful primetime show Kkangan Souten Ke. Unfortunately for her, she has writer's block and knows it. What is worse, her Creative Director knows it, and is threatening to hand over the pen to Kkrishnaa's erstwhile love and current adversary, Dev Trivedi. Kkrishnaa must find inspiration if she wants to keep the show. So she decides to spy on her neighbours, a decision that unfortunately leads to her witnessing a murder. And thence ensues a rambunctious, rollercoaster ride as Kkrishnaa desperately attempts to keep her job, resist Dev Trivedi's charms - and, oh yes, avoid getting killed....A wickedly funny, rip-roaring read.

My View:
I found the book as waste of time.Too much filmy and very television serial type . It is a loosely based on serials but of-course fictional. The story speaks about a serial writer ,their struggles and unexpected changes in the stories as per the schedule of the actors available. How they try to gain a uphold in the ratings forms the gist of the story .The attempt of the author to capture the world of serials is commendable but still doesn't meet expectations.

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