Friday, November 20, 2015


Too much information is available online these days. Don’t know whether good or bad. But I really sometimes feel strained when I Google for simple symptoms and it throws some really dangerous results especially for headaches, fever etc. Too much availability of information does more damage than help because people start misusing them.

In old days when we feel unwell either we used to have grandma’s medicines or go to doctor but 
these things now, are replaced by Google. It has all the information for all the illness/pregnancy all stages months, days etc. I know of people who used to refer every week in times of pregnancy for advices which most of the times are not needed by them. The only thing I would like to suggest is refer to the information as only bases don’t over depend on it as it might not be the same for all.

It’s also helpful when you need to know some information about anything. At least we can know what it is all about.

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