Wednesday, July 12, 2017

New stories

So many authors these days are attempting new genres. Our very old Mahabharata, Ramayana etc are rewritten with so much new insights or from a characters point of view. I really wonder how much patience, research and ground work would go in knowing about them plus use of creativity.

I really envy the authors who are able to pull off such creativity. Like these are the books read and re read by all.

Attempting a new version of the classics are benchmark books are always tough. But many are interested in knowing more about Duryodhana being only evil or has a good side to him? We all till now, have only known Kauravas as the evil people, but now when I get to read more about Karna or Duryodhana I feel we all have judged them only for what we have read in Mahabharata. Yes, what they did to Draupadi was evil but there is another side to the story probably we all never knew about also.

Like we all know how much Sita sacrificed or suffered in Ramayana in their exile period. But we all never noticed the sacrifices made by Lakshmana and his wife. How Urvashi must have felt when her husband chose to accompany his brother and not be with her?? Thanks to all the new authors that we all also get to see the other point of view stories.

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