Thursday, September 10, 2015

Move on

We all face difficult times in life. Sometimes we move on fast and sometimes we realize that even after ages, we are still waiting for the person to return or situation to change.

Why, in a relation one person moves on and never wants to look back? Why it is always that one person always waits looking at the closed door? I always feel communication is the most important factor that keeps any relation ticking and talking helps. All it needs is a heart to heart communication and there’s nothing that cannot be worked on.

I have lost a lot of friends who have just left without talking about what went wrong and just moved on. I don’t know whether they could do that so easily but I for one have never been able to forget them. I still hope that someday we would again reconnect. We all have people in our lives whom we miss, try to forget but there’s never a moment that we have been able to throw them away from our thoughts.

Funny, that we are no more in touch with them, moved on etc but still somewhere they take a part of you with them. But in the same breath I would also wish to and move ahead positively,leaving behind the sad parts and look forward to new challenges and friends.


  1. sometimes you just have to let go and move I was just reading an article on letting go... perhaps this might help...

  2. Thanks dear and it was a general observation.


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