Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hands on mom

Being a mom is a tough job. Now all the moms would agree to this. But being hands on one is not everyone would be privileged with. I always believe spending quality time with the kid is more important than quantity. Lots of moms I have seen maintain this balance wonderfully.

I have always felt and believed that moms are instrumental in shaping a child. It’s very important for us to keep all the communication channels open for the kids to have a healthy relation. We all want our kids to do well, be the best but there are times when they don’t raise up to our levels of expectations that are when we need to understand that not all kids are same. We should keep motivating them and gracefully accept that they have done their best.

But there are moms who have to work as well as manage kids. For them it’s always a challenge and a war between mind and heart. They always feel we have not done justice to the mother’s part by not being able to devote more time to the kids. For them, a word quality is more important than quantity. Always remember that. Working is a choice you have made so make sure you accept it yourself, trust me when we accept things they become guilt free.Plus, we all know each child is different and maybe you have kids who are happy and satisfied with the amount of time you spend with them.

Make sure you are updated with the interest’s activities of the kids on a more daily basis. This, I say because mostly it happens that by the time parents come home kids are sleepy or put to sleep. But we can always call and talk and hear about their time in school/class. Listen to their stories. When with them,just leave the phone. Give them complete attention.

As a mother I always believe that there’s always so much to learn be it a home maker or working. We all have to keep up with the pace of changes happening around us, thanks to the exposure kids get these days. On the plus side, we always have help from technology, like virtually being in touch with other moms, forums on net would help us learn lots of things.

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