Saturday, August 01, 2015

F for friends

With friendship day round the corner, I'm sure all of you would be making plans to meet friends or those special People who made life easy in difficult times, who stood by us thick and thin, who accept and love unconditionally however we maybe..

For me friendship is about being in thoughts, doesn't matter whether we meet or no. They are and will be a part of life irrespective of whether we meet or jo. Friendship is being there when needed and pickup from where we left last, irrespective of how much time passed by. Friendship is love, understanding, trust and just being yourself.

So this Friendship day all i want to say to my lovely friends is thank you for being there always, putting a smile on my face even with your thoughts. Thank you for the uncountable memories and moments we enjoyed. I promise to be around always. Even if you don't miss me in happiness,remember me in difficult times and just be the best at you are. Thats what makes "us" special.

Happy Friendship Day..

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