Monday, August 10, 2015

Being Silent

With better career opportunities, we decided he would pick the option to work in other city. I know it’s not a easy thing to manage alone, stay away from hubby with kiddo in tow, I felt I would be strong and we would manage it for some time to come.

The reactions we got when we broke the news were far from encouraging. Too bad when people close to you instead, of standing by you, supporting you start questioning you as to why such a harsh decision? Why don't you all too relocate? As if we never realized that. Please, we too know we can relocate but there are things that require us to stay back.

The First thought was money People think we are money minded, we don't value being with family etc. Hello, but before judging others at least know the situations. And what about being ambitious, focusing on career etc? And what if we chase money what’s wrong with that???? Everyone likes a little extra money to spend or save for future? What’s wrong in wanting to earn more money for a better future for the kid/future???? I don't see anything wrong in that.

I just would say to people who have someone in these situations, to just support and be with your friend/relative. It would really help their morale and you would find a permanent place in their hearts. Before judging, always understand there are things which we don't see doesn't mean it’s not there.

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