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Monday, October 09, 2017

Some memories

Why is it that we always remember things we wish to forget? I have this nasty habit of remembering birthdays and anniversaries of friends who are no more friends of ours and there are a lot of times that I forget birthdays, anniversaries of people closer to me.

Some people really mean a lot to us irrespective of them moving on/not in touch we never are able to throw them out or erase their memories. We always live in hope that things may change and how much ever we try, most of the times we still hang on at the same point hoping for them to return.

Is it that we had invested emotionally that they keep haunting us or is it a no attempt from our end? Any relation when it breaks always leaves scars. There are friendships we hoped would last a lifetime, they are people whom we always have held in the highest esteem and when they just leave without offering any explanation or attempts to reconcile or sort, it really hurts.

I always feel differences should be addressed; any relation that’s breaking without proper communication is the worst one. I really hope people would at least make an attempt to talk things before moving on. Talking helps a lot of things resolve.

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