Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Some new realizations these days dawn upon me. :)

The latest one being, we should learn to enjoy our own company. Well, to think of it’s not that bad. There are times we might not being alone, but trust me when I had to do so for some time I started enjoying my space .Self analysis really helps, that’s when we come to know about a lot of things about ourselves which for so long had been hidden inside.

I also realized as much as I love to be among people, I also have learnt to be alone and yes, enjoy it too. So many thoughts, so many songs, so many memories keep popping when I sit back. I enjoy them, try to relive them, smile, cry and feel better. Crying always helps you feel better.

Better to be alone than feel being alone amidst people we love the most. That loneliness is very dangerous and hurting.

Just a random thought and a abrupt post.

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