Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Quote 2

Life is what happens when we keep planning other things".

Yes, a simple statement with the most powerful and best definition of life. We all plan things, imagine and expect life to be in a certain way, without realizing what happens around us.

Take a moment, look around, enjoy what you do, see the colour of skies, the food we eat, breathe, relax. What we do is the present, this is actual life, not what we think. Thinking is what we want our life to be. Living the moment is something we need to do. Yes planning is important, but living the moment is also.

So the next time you feel like watching the sunrise or sunset, do that without worrying about being late for work, the moments we steal from our schedules is what makes them special. Meet/call a friend instead of fb or watsapp, meet your parents regularly, surprise them with a visit. Make memories. When you grow old, and look back you would have wonderful memories and stories to tell and happiness.

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