Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An ode to APJ Kalam

True, I have never met him. I have read his books and somewhere connected to what he said. His quotes are always copied by many in lot of networking sites.

Yesterday when I heard about him being no more something inside me flipped

I felt what I feel when we lose someone close. Had a sleepless night almost. What he did for the country, students kept playing in my mind and was amazed once again with the greatness of this humble man. A self made man, who by his learning, virtues and action has lighted so many lives and missions, Words fail to describe what he is to the country.

A very down to earth and lucky person who believed in keeping good byes short and practicing it. Blessed are those people who die doing what they love doing.

Rest in Peace Sir APJ Kalam. The world is going to miss you always and we all hope to follow what you preached and pay tribute to you by making ourselves a better human being.

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