Thursday, June 25, 2015


Media these days survive on one news for weeks. Too much of dissections and so much permutations and combinations they discuss. The other day when a celebrity was going to be arrested on his pending case, they made a hue and cry about the minutest details of the news.

Starting from him leaving his house to night he came back on bail, they covered the entire thing!!! As of that was the only news. So many ifs and buts were discussed. I felt they overdo it. I feel, sometimes celebrities must be given some space. Like who’s bothered who’s going with whom for dinner ? Or who wants to get married when? Or what’s happening in their personal space. I mean if they want to share let them speak instead of being forced to.

Too much of evading these days, a certain distance and space should be accepted and respected by the media. They should know where to draw a line. These days we too are becoming paparazzi.

So many other things need attentions like the promises made by the parties, can the media remind them by repeating so that some concrete actions are taken instead of just being promised. I wonder why celebrities are given so much importance when they act so pricey??

Its time I feel we do some good journalism and work on making India a better country.

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  1. true! no news falls into the category of breaking news now a days... like who is bothered who did what!



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