Wednesday, June 03, 2015


We all Wait for This lovely month of June. June has new attached to it. Come June rain gods appear. The summer comes to an end and a lovely monsoon season starts.

Come June all the memories come back of childhood. Of school, new friends, new uniforms etc. The excitement of new class, a fresh start is always appealing. With new books, stationary comes new zeal, new promises to be the best for the academic year.

I still remember the first few days the notebooks, textbooks used to be neat and clean. Everything very carefully handled. I too always used to promise myself to maintain the momentum for the whole year, but miss it while progressing 😂

Come June, some kids start their school. New challenges for those mom's. For kids moving for Sr to grade 1,moms have other challenge till the kid settle down.

Shall write about those challenges once I start facing them.
But yes June makes us nostalgic. Rains, pakodas, meeting friends gumboots, raincoats, and occasional/unexpected leaves thanks to rains are few things I remember. What about you??

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