Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Was missing this space for a change, then realises haven't posted anything in a week. Not that I'm very busy, just that the schools have reopened and getting into the new schedule is taking some time.

For the kiddos, long hours at school, homework is taking a toll. I know with time they would settle down Eventually like we did, but heart still goes out for them seeing the levels of challenges thrown out to them.

Packing a couple of boxes for lunch and snacks is more challenging than I had imagined. Everyday I go blank..😝 😂

But yes hoping to raise the bar and live upto the mark.

Trust me when I say there's no bigger happiness than seeing a empty boxes when kiddos return.. That motivation is enough to try more..

What's up with you all??

Waiting to hear your challenges with kiddos too..

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  1. ditto the same Kavi! you could be speaking for me!

    schools reopened, and after an idyllic vacation, I'm trying to get a hold on the schedule! I haven't been able to write much too!



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