Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Book Review#11: Child/God Ketan Bhagat

"God comes in every house in the form of a child."
Naked, helpless and ignorant, newborns arrive happy. Full of smiles and love, every child in unique and perfect. Their well-dressed, independent and educated parents are frustrated and bitter. All adults are the same. Imperfect. Yet, grown-ups teach children. The stressed mentor the stress-free. The unhappy correct the happy. The confused guide the wise. Welcome the world of Raghav Malhotra - a typical MNC drone. Haunted by a guilty past, our common man struggles to serve a thankless spouse, a condescending family and a ruthless boss. Inevitably, Raghav's life collapses like a house of cards. Violence, whores, alcohol and drugs follow. Till God arrives himself. You've read many stories about motherhood transforming a woman. Now, follow Raghav on his self-enlightenment journey through the joys of fatherhood. Child/God is a riveting story of thirty-five-year-old disciple learning the meaning of life from his six-month-old-guru. Discover how Raghav's living God transforms his life - and yours.

My review:Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the book and I feel good that I wasn’t wrong I picking this. It’s a great tale and maybe for the first time has parenthood been discussed from a fathers point of view. It’s refreshing to know how much and whom all can a child influence.Child always is known to have a drastic change in a mother’s life. We all know that. This book tells about how a father feels about a child. Interesting precept to see the world through child’s eyes.Very fluent narration and even for once you won’t feel bored or not connected to the story too.Somewhere I even felt it as a story of the author and his brother too.

Thanks to their sharing the same passion for writing. It sounds like his family story. No I’m not saying in a negative way.Loved the way the author has spoken about fatherhood and weaved this story.From being a carefree person to a responsible father the transition is amazing and anyone can connect to it.

I would recommend all to read this .I’m sure you all would connect to the story and the drama that is a part of our life too.

My rating:I would rate this book 4/5 for the plot and writing. Hats off to the author for attempting this.


  1. saw this book, wasn't sure about it..but now that you say it's nice...I'll give it a try.

  2. Thanks for reviewing my book, thanks for your honesty in reviewing and the biggest thanks so much for your kind words Kavi. We authors live for such reviews. God bless you. Ketan Bhagat



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