Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mothers day

A long post, dedicated to moms:

So many stories have been written for mothers. The single person, who stands by you in all situations. Mom, she’s the only one who never judges us. Always smiling and supporting us, protecting from the world and even dads. J Who never lets us sleep empty stomach and even if she doesn't buy things for herself, she miraculously fulfills our demands putting aside hers.

I always have a love hate relationship with my mom. I, always being dad’s little girl always ought to find support and strength in him. Mom always came second until marriage happened. She used to always try to discipline me, teach me household chores, cooking and managing things which I never fancied. I wanted to go out and play and she used to ask me to help her out.

After marriage, I started valuing her more. When I had to manage home, cooking etc I understood the value of what she taught and why she wanted me to learn these things. I started understanding and valuing her more. Not a word against me by anyone could she tolerate. Such was her love, unconditional.

When, I was pregnant she was always around me ,looking after me ,taking me for checkups, going for walks, in spite of all the work she already had. She had been patient with me always.

The best during my pregnancy, when I wanted a cesarean and the doctor saying that I could have a normal delivery. She sat with me whole day, listening to my cribbing, temper tantrums. She told the doctor to go for normal and was saying me that he would take me in for operation shortly. She bore it all, all for my health in long run. I fought with her for making me suffer and not convincing the doctor otherwise.

After being a mother myself I started valuing her more and understanding her more. She used to be always around when needed, taking care of me n kiddo. Her world revolved around us then for that time. I cannot put in words the multitasking she has done in that time without a word of crib. Although, she always had sacrificed her sleep, rest she never complained.

Raising a kid is not easy; I realized this after being a mom myself. When kiddo tests my patience, I realize how much testing times I myself must have given her.
Only one day dedicated to her is not enough. Everyday should be celebrated as mom’s day. It’s time for us to repay whatever little we can by doing something special for her. I know any material gifts won’t make her happy than time spent with her chatting. With her kids around, any mother feels special and that day is “Mothers Day” for her.

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