Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life these days

Life these days have become mechanical, practical and very unpredictable. Gone are the days when people used to come home at 5 in the evening and have time to spend time with kids and have dinners with families. Now mobile and TV remotes are our companions for dinners.

When we were kids, dad used to always come home at 6.40 pm every day.Yes every single day when we used to play down mostly all kids dad used to be home at around 7-7.30. By the time we kids reach home they used to be home. They use to help us with Homework, play with us etc. We used to look forward for the family dinner, where all members sit as a family and mom serve.

In today's time, kids don't know what time parents come back,dinners are with cell phone or TV. Spending time with parents is going to mall and shopping . Family dinners/lunches means eating out or ordering in. Somewhere the fun of being as a family is lost. If by chance,we get to spend that time also, our phones keep disturbing and commanding attention.

What's your thought on this???? Do write back would love to hear.

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  1. technology has become the proverbial shaadi ka laddooo...can't do without it...and can't do with it!



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