Monday, May 11, 2015

Life as such

With mom dad around, time flies quickly. I am trying to learn making vadams, pickles etc. Kiddo also having great time fooling around them. There’s some magic in maa ke haath ka khaana. Even a dal, tastes so different when she makes.

Lucky are people whose parents stay close by and have the access to mom made food everyday or frequently. But I guess we never realize the value of what we have when we get that in abundance. When I used to stay close by I never realized I would miss mom cooking so much. It’s when I moved out of Mumbai I started missing life there. I used to meet my friends every day, but now getting to talk to them on phone becomes difficult sometimes.

From this I have learnt one thing, enjoy the present and leave the worries for later. Today when I look back at those wonderful times spent with friends I feel content and lucky I could get those times with them. I have “Memories” and that makes me rich and yes, I do have those friends who gave me so much to cherish.

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