Friday, May 01, 2015

Krishna meets Shiva

Starting the new innings on a divine note.Hope you all like it.

Here's an interesting tale I came across. Taught shall share. Hope you all enjoy reading:

Lord Vishnu was about to descend on the earth taking form of Krishna to kill Kansa. Before that he went to meet Lord Shiva who’s the part of the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

When he reached the capped mountains, Shiva welcomed him “Welcome Lord Vishnu, what brings you here”

“I came here to inform you that I am descending to earth to put an end to Kansas cruelty.”

Shiva asked “Which form are you taking this time?”

Vishnu said “Krishna, I will be born to Devaki and Vasudev and would be raised by my foster parents Maharaja Nanda and Yashoda, in Mathura.”

Shiva smiled and said “I would love to see you as a child” Vishnu said “You are most welcome to come to Mathura and bless me”.

Shiva took the form of an ascetic and went to Mathura to ask for Alms. “Alms” he said and Yashoda came out with a plate full of sweets. He accepted, blessed her and asked “You are a new Mother”?

She nodded yes with a glow on her face. He asked “How’s the little one”?

She said fine, we have named him “Krishna”.

He said I want to see the child and bless him. Yashoda was not very keen on him seeing /blessing Krishna, she started making excuses saying “the child is asleep and I don't want him to wake up crying”. But he still insisted and she refused flatly saying she didn't want to scare him with the looks of the sage; very shabby and unclean.

Lord Shiva made a mental communication with Krishna about how mother Yashoda is not allowing him to meet and bless him and taking cue, Krishna started crying .Yashoda ran inside and none of her words were comforting him.

She got Krishna out, and suddenly the kid started gurgling and laughing seeing the sage. Yashoda was awestruck to see her baby happily smiling.

Shiva Blessed the infant and went.

Thus,Shiva met Vishnu and blessed him.

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  1. Oh!so that's how the birth of Krishna came about! Will look forward to your retelling of the epics!


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