Monday, May 04, 2015

Jaane Kahan gaye woh din...

Childhood, people say is the best phase of our lives... Couldn't agree more when we reminisce back the good old days.. 😝

The other day, just saw tuti fruity ice-cream after long time,and got the pack, just for the d times sake and truly, one ice-cream triggered all the wonderful childhood memories. I just say back and relieved the good days.
When we were kids, every Saturday, dad used to get us this flavor ice-cream. In fact every weekend we used to rush back home from the terrace in the excuse of drinking water and check the deep freeze for the ice-cream and rush back to play happily he moment we see that.. 😂

All friends, neighbors used to tease saying they too are Coming to eat and we too coming and we used to sadly say ok.. Sad because we would get a smaller share. Not that they would come but we used to hide the bowls when unexpectedly someone knocks and pray that they leave soon.. So that the ice cream doesn't melt..

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