Friday, May 08, 2015

Being Salman

Being a celebrity isn't easy. Has its own pros n cons. The media today went berserk covering Salman Khan. Yes, after 13 long years, he's found to be guilty and convicted with a sentence.

The whole Bollywood came in his support,including some people with weird and insensitive comments. The only thing I wonder is why is no one talking of the person who lost his life?? What about the person injured? How's he surviving ? Doesn't poor people qualify as human beings?

I love Salman and am big fan of him but as a role model today he disappointed me. I would have been more proud if he would have owned up. He would have stood tall in nations eyes.

Salman has been a great philanthropist but that doesn't justify the accident. Sad to see media running and telecasting the same news for the whole day as if nothing else matters.

Its not about rich and poor, its about "Being Human".


  1. Well said Kavita!! Very true.. Well written..

  2. Even i felt that he did not live up to his brand of being human...owning up would have instantly richocheted him to a god like status!

  3. Very well said Kavita. There was a line in the movie "spiderman"...."with gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility"....i dont remember the movie much will never ever forget this line. I was surprised by the the bail granted to salman but what surprised me more was the fact that common people/celebrities r blindly supporting him. I dont mind people supporting salman as he is a good personality but saying law shud not punish salman is wierd. How can people think this way.....i strongly feel will surely defame the core moral ethics of society. Salman was a true hero to me because of his philantophic work but now onwards for me he is just a coward person who is running away from his sins.....may b killing someone was not intentional but not acvepting ur mistake and putting th blame on his driver for his own bad karma is a sin....and there cud b no running away from such sin.

    God bless Salman & his Supporters.

  4. Well Said Kavi... Nicely put.

  5. Salman Khan - the poster bad boy of Hindi film industry. He is the epitomization of what powerful people think about the rules governing our country. There are two India's one for the rich and one for the poor, where the rich get away with murder and the poor is not safe even on the footpaths....



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