Wednesday, May 06, 2015

About me.

The other day I was registering myself, wherein there was a section “About me”. I sat still as to how to define myself in some words. There are so many things about me that I know and so many I am sure I would realize with passing time. Some things I love to define myself are:

Books: I love reading books. I can never get bored of them. They make me feel happy and transport me to some magical world. When I read, I get involved in the characters and go with the flow. There are times I have cooked and ate with books, without realizing what’s around me. I breathe, live and sleep books.

Cooking: It’s my creative space. It is something that helps me create something new. I love experimenting and trying new recipes. The icing on the cake being when it’s a success and finished happily. I browse through recipes and try to cook with some modifications. There are times when recipes flop, but that hasn't deterred me from trying.

Laughing: I love laughing at the silliest jokes.

I get emotional very soon. But on a repulse I get practical also very soon. Extreme but true.

Walking: I love walking. Going for long walks and enjoying some quiet time with nature makes me fresh and happy.

Music: I love listening to, singing and dancing to music. They make me happy. I have songs for all moods.
I am a morning and evening person. I love getting up early in the mornings, at the same time I love chit chatting with friends all through nights. Bliss. :)

These days reading spiritual and meditating has also caught my interest.

Watching watched movies again and again also is me.

What about you?

Would love to hear your “About me”


  1. It is ditto for all points including the last...I'm also finding succour in meditation and spiritual reading these days! and when I wrote the about me section on my blog it almost read like a blog post!!

    1. Thanks, and very happy to have a Siamese twin..:)

  2. Siamese twin are cats!!! Sounds more like metaphorical twins!!!

  3. Siamese twin are cats!!! Sounds more like metaphorical twins!!!



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