Sunday, April 26, 2015

Self Analysis

Ok there are a lot of things; we all have which we never like to be known. There's a face of us which no one knows of and a facet we all like to be unknown. Today, while surfing the net, I came across some interesting thoughts that made me realize that if I pen down the habits maybe I would be able to handle them better. So here goes the list of 6 good habits I wish to keep and 6 bad which I wish to lose.

Let’s start with the bad ones:
1. I am an extremist; there are days when I keep working, cleaning, washing and vice versa.

2. I am very emotional; my thoughts run from positive to negative within seconds. I always keep planning lots of things in my mind but fail to implement.

3. I assume a lot of things, without wanting to look at the positive side.

4. I think a lot, stress myself with negatives and always worry. Something I want to change.

5. I lose my temper and patience very easily. However hard I try to be patient and not get angry, the reverse happens.

6. I am very lazy, earlier I used to write diaries every day, a good habit which somewhere got lost, which I wish to start doing again.

Now the good ones:

1. I remember the lyrics of more than thousand songs.

2. I love reading books. They define me, complete me.

3. I love helping the needy and putting a smile on their faces. Something I wish to just continue doing.

4. I love cooking, experimenting with new recipes.

5. I love motivating, surprising my near and dear ones. I don’t mind saying little lies for getting there. The expression and happiness in their faces makes it all worthwhile.

6. I love kids and enjoy watching them and playing with them. That makes me happy.

Ok this is my list, what’s yours?


  1. hey kavi....Are you my alter ego? I nodded my head at every point!

  2. Thanks Dear.I really love reading your comments and blog


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