Thursday, April 09, 2015

R's Graduation Day

Yesterday was a very emotional moment for me. My little one graduated from Kids to High. Was a very nostalgic moment to see kids grow so fast. I still remember the day when he held my hands and very happily (me apprehensive) went to Playgroup. And cut to yesterday he already finished the small kids years in school. :)

Kids growing years are very special moments for parents. We often wonder when would they grow up become independent, and the day they start becoming one, we feel bad that they are no more dependent on us for silly things. There was a phase when everything needed my approvals, but now there are lot of things he manages to do on his own. For me,he's still a small kid, for him he's a grow up boy. He has his own choices, don't need me around him always, can eat on his own etc.But these small things which they do on their own makes us realize lots of things.

He will enter High school, make new friends, learn new things, and we as parents now only need to guide them and watch them growing from kids to adults. Yes, but all this thanks to God and wonderful teachers who have always guided,taken care of him and taught him,disciplined him. Without them,what they are today wont have been possible. Truly, teachers are their "second parent".

As much as i am proud of him going to high somewhere, i am also sad that his childhood would be somewhere lost now in further years as proper languages, subjects ,7 hour school would start. The fun years are over.

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