Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Each day teaches you something. With each person it’s a new experience. Good and bad we need to learn and keep moving on. These are the things I learnt from my experiences:

There’s something called “right time”, when things start falling on place.

1. God always helps us and always justice prevails. Whatever we deserve comes to us in spite of hurdles.

2. Bad times teach us who real friends are.

3. Manners and values need to be taught since childhood.

4. Not all people you trust would help you in difficult times.

5. Help comes from the least and most unexpected person.

6. There are people who just talk and do nothing even if they have the power to help.

7. Power is useless if you don’t have the audacity to help.

8. “So called “friends/relatives, only talk won’t help.

9. Everyone has an advice to give, irrespective of whether they understand the situation or no.

10. Having lots of friends/relatives but no one who understands/ listens to us can be depressing.

11.Having no one to talk to can be depressing.

12.People we think as family need not think about us as the same

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