Monday, April 27, 2015

Book Review#10: The Outcaste Queen: Kavita Kane

I took long time to read this book. This is the longest time taken ever!!!! Its a wonderful book and I'm glad I read the book taking ample time, (although not this slow.)

The book is very high on emotional quotient. Reading it drained me as the characters, thoughts, descriptions are perfectly in sync. When you read a book as different as this, that you realize a lot more about the other characters about the Mahabharata, like how the epic war affected so many lives in so many ways. The book is narrated from Urvi's point of view. Her journey from being a princess to a queen who was not accepted is very nicely written.
It's a story of friendship, trust, loyalty of Karna who although knew that the Kauravas would be destroyed stood firmly by his friend in spite of knowing the truth of his birth.

Great work by the author and hats off to her research and development of Urvi.



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