Saturday, April 11, 2015

Books and me

I am always very proud of the fact that i read a lot of books. I love when i hear about some good books and get to lay my hands on them almost immediately. There's no fixed genre,but i like reading chick flicks,mythology etc. And there were days when i used to be so confused on which book to order that i used to read books continuously, return and pick the other one like a hungry person picks his food.

Yes, i do keep buying books also in addition to picking them from library which hubby always disapproves of. According to him if you join a library, why do you need to buy them too?? But he being a teetotaler in reading would never understand the happiness of getting to read the book when you want to and not having to wait for the availability..Phew.

There are times i have picked books on reading the synopsis and found the actual reading to be very boring. But its still fun to read and but books and would be very happy if kiddo is also able to pick this one quality of reading. Its very truly said that "Books were my friends,when no friends were around". Apt.

Coming to the point,this year i added myself to good reads and decided that i would read a hundred books. Big goal but i thought would be achieved easily.I was very proud till last month that i was ahead of the goals set for the month.( Too early i imagined..;) ) But these days i am not able to lay my hands on good books. Suddenly the books i wanted to read doesn't sound very interesting. Time to change genres i guess. Explore.

To help me in my mammoth task, any good books suggestions?????


  1. I am Pilgrim by Terry Haynes
    The Martian by Andy Weir

    these are must read thrillers...

  2. sound just like me! and ur hubby like mine!! I recently found this huge interest in mythology, specifically Mahabharata...and I'm hitting it out very name a few,
    God Talks to Arjuna,
    Krishna, the life and song of the blue god,
    The Palace of illusions and

    1. My 2 words - Ashok Banker...

      Nobody stands taller than him in Indian Mythology retelling. Give his books a try you will not regret it. My guarantee...


  3. superb..sounds like karmic cousins..:)



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