Monday, April 06, 2015

Book Review:The Ineligible Bachelors by Ruchita Mishra.

Summary:Arranged marriages are always complicated, and so are mothers. Kasturi is a girl who has to face the worst of both these complications. Her mother will not budge from the idea of an arranged marriage for her. Kasturi’s mother finds for her daughter two geeky and weird IIT/IIM boys. She needs to choose one out of them and is ready to go for neither. Her eyes are set on the gorgeous Rajeev who is also her boss. This is a story of Kasturi who, with the help of her two trusted buddies, sets out on a hilarious journey for her Mr. Right. This story is also a lesson on love, family and friendship. You will be taken through the rather strange system of arranged marriages and the marriage market that still proves important for the Indian society.

My Take:I loved the author’s way of writing the story. Kasturi is someone we would all relate to. We all, at some point have been feeling like her, our expectations of the life partner somewhere connect with hers. But the best part about the story is that it is not very predictable. Loved the way the characters and sketched .You would hate Ananya’s mom ,u would love to have a friend like Pitaji and You would love falling in love with Dr Purva . Oops, i have revealed too much ;) For the rest please pick the book and read. I am sure you won’t regret even a moment of it.

I would rate this book 4/5 for the writing and well etched characters. None of them are out of place and unwanted. They all have a role in moving the story ahead.Funny,witty read. Great writing Ruchita and would soon read the sequel I do Do I ? and would come with my review.

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