Saturday, April 18, 2015

Being a celebrity

The other day, I happened to read about Virat Kohli 's interview about how hurt he is about blaming Anushka being blamed for his performance in World Cup. I completely agree that people should give him space and think before commenting on his life. There's a thin line between doing and overdoing, which we keep crossing.

But something that disturbs me about him was the way he said that only he has won matches for India till now. What about Dhawan, Rahane,Dhoni and others?????? have they not contributed in the wins? Is it that the team won only because he played?????Learn to be humble like Sachin, Dravid. They have always attributed their success to the team. I also feel maybe he would have said that in a heat of moment, but somewhere what he said bordered arrogance.

Yet i feel we should give him benefit of doubt. Because to err in human..

1 comment:

  1. That's the difference between Sachin and Virat!! inspite of so many controversies, Sachin always remained quiet and let his bat do the talking!!


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