Saturday, April 25, 2015

A trailer of a book..

Mythological stories have been the flavor of the season. So many different takes and interesting stories have been written about the already known epic. Very fascinating. Have been reading “The Outcaste Queen” by Kavita Kane. From whatever I have read it’s a totally great book. Very intense and emotionally draining. Must say that the author must be given credit for such a strong portrayal of both Karana and Urvi. These attempts always throw light on the other important characters of Mahabharata.

Like Chitra Divakurni attempted to write about Draupadi’s point of view, Kavita has tried to capture the emotions of Karana’s wives, prominently Urvi. It’s interesting as it goes and I’m hooked. Would come back with a full review on what I felt about this story soon.

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