Sunday, March 01, 2015

Reviewing books

I know these days i don't write much about other stuff, the thing being i just realized that i read a lot of books and never spare a thought to write what i felt about the book, characters, story.

So as usual when i was browsing i saw people make an effort to write about what they feel about the book so that it helps others who would want to pick the book after reading some reviews. I myself have always got help before picking up a new one. Not that i completely agree that "to each his own" but yes we all like to know what the general opinion is before we start reading.

Henceforth, i have decided to incorporate my thoughts on the books i read in my blog. This way i frequently write and maybe help someone pick books and read.

Hoping to enjoy this journey of reviewing books.

Enjoy, laugh and take care


1 comment:

  1. Well, you could have made a reference to me or my blog site for books. Some sister you are... :P

    On a lighter note, welcome to blogging about books, it is a fascinating and never ending world or words out there and there is nothing better than losing yourself in a world created strictly for your enjoyment for hours on end.


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