Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Book Review #7: How Sachin Destroyed My Life But Gave Me an All Access Pass to the World of Cricket Vikram Sathaye

In How Sachin Destroyed My Life, Vikram Sathaye chronicles the story of his life and how he accidently entered the world of stand-up comedy and became a cricket humorist. Moreover, he got the amazing opportunity to travel and spend time with the members of the Indian Cricket squad for more than a decade. This book presents his incredible journey as he takes us inside the dressing rooms, hotels and introduces us to the leading cricketers of India. The book comes with a foreword by Sachin Tendulkar and is replete with humor and interesting anecdotes, insights, photographs and quotes by cricketing legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, and Yuvraj Singh. This book will be thoroughly enjoyed by cricket enthusiasts.

My Take:
I loved the book from the word go. Very interesting read, brilliant observations about the cricketers and the book gives a wonderful insight about how a cricketer prepares himself, his observations, mind games, sledging. I realized how the commentator, statistician whom we feel have the most glamorous job of just sitting and talking have to do research and the knowledge they have about the games. Hats off to the author for such detail explanation of things we must have hardly observed.
The best part of the book is it is explained in a very layman language; people can relate to it. I started seeing matches in a more different manner after reading the book and started admiring the simple things that a player does before the match. It talks about the efforts of even others who work as hard as the players to make the game look so easy. Only the title and a chapter speak of Sachin not the whole book as assumed by many. Talks about lots of anecdotes shared by cricketers which make it a more interesting read. My favorite one being the Sehwag one.After reading this, I have started watching matches in a different light and observing things and listening to the commentary with more attention.

I would rate the book 4/5. Great humor and must read for all the cricket crazy fans and I look forward for more such books from the author.

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