Monday, March 23, 2015


Monday…The most dreaded day of the week. Unless it’s your birthday or you planning to go on a vacation, or any other special reason, there’s no one who loves Monday. What makes Monday boring? I often wonder whether it’s the restart of routine after a nice break of a weekend called Saturday and Sunday or that we just don’t want the sweet “do your things according to your time” thing to not end.

I feel we value the weekend more because it gives us the much needed break from the clock of doing things in time. But because we work for the whole week we enjoy the weekends. Imagine all the days if we can do things as per our wish, will we even value the happiness weekend gives us?

Socho Socho..Think Think

I am sure even if one person read this post and start thinking like this, soon “Monday” won’t be the most dreaded day.

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  1. Well all that is well and good but still... Monday!!!


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