Friday, March 13, 2015

House Chores

I am an extreme person when it comes to house work department, either i keep cleaning and keeping the house spic and span always or i am just plain lazy. There are days when books are lying unattended, piles of clothes waiting for attention and cupboard ;) and i ignore. How much ever i try to discard this habit and balance myself there's very little success i have achieved till now.

When the house is in a mess and i start cleaning, i make a promise that henceforth i would clean the shelves, windows kitchen shelves on a more regular basis, but the next day itself the resolution is out of the window.If i decide to clean, unlike distributing the work so that i don't tire myself, i do all things at the same day and next day i realize the effects of loading myself..:)

Do you all also do it the same way?????

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