Thursday, March 12, 2015

Book Review #5:Marry Me,Stranger:Novoneel Chakraborty

I'm Rivanah Bannerjee, a young and independent girl living alone in Mumbai. My parents love me, my boyfriend adores me and I have a great job. But heres the thing-my life is in danger. Someones been following me around, watching my every move, trying to get control over my life. At first I thought it was a silly prank to gain my attention. My roomie suggested he must be a secret admirer. Is he? What he doesnt know is the police have set a trap to nab him. Soon Ill know if its simply a lovers obsession or there is more to it. BTW, I call him stranger.

From the bestselling author of EX, how about a sin tonight? That kiss in the rain and a thing beyond forever comes a racy tale gravid with emotional twists, relationship quirks and mind-numbing revelations.

My review:
I picked up the book on the basis if the synopsis and reviews. This is my first book of Novoneel. And yes, am planning to read some other books by this author.The book is quite captive of holding the attention of the reader. A very nice mystery gently won which somewhere brings out the wishful thoughts of having a stranger who protects us in difficult times and who’s always around to help you out...I know we all wish we too have someone "Mr. India" who helps us unconditionally, understands us and protects us always.

I liked the story and am looking forward for the next two in the trilogy and hoping that it won’t disappoint and the suspense continues. As of now the book had my complete attention and i finished it in one sitting.

Looking forward for next. And yes, planning to read some other books by this author. This was my first pick and turned out to be good. I hope his previous ones were also good.

My Rating:
My rating for the book is 3.5/5


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