Sunday, March 22, 2015

A week that was..

Ok, last week just passed away in a blur, with kiddo falling sick. There’s viral everywhere so it’s very difficult to protect kids. The pediatrician had the same symptoms kids at least 6 before me and many more maybe later. All I can say is please please keep your kid hydrated, and avoid sending them to schools if they have even mild fever. The least we can do is stop the infection from spreading to others.
So with India in semis of the World Cup, it gives us one more chance to be happy and proud. Of course, we have worked hard to reach this level and although Australia is a tough team to beat in their home I would still like to see our team play well and win. More than winning, I would be happy even if we make a attempt and play like winners instead of meekly surrendering.

Heat this time is killing. At least we in Bangalore are feeling that, since we have yet to see such soaring temperature here. Hoping for the rains to come soon and help. Earlier, there used to be only 3 seasons nowadays there’s no fixed season. Anytime any season starts.

Have read some books (old ones) but none I felt worth a mention, so no articles on the reviews front too. Currently reading Krishna's Konfessions, loosely based on the daily soaps. Let’s see how it turns out to be. More on that later.

Hoping that the new week brings some good things and better peace of mind.

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  1. Take care... Keep inside as much as possible to beat the effects of heat.


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