Saturday, March 28, 2015

A salute to the Captain

Now with the World Cup Fever everywhere, I too have caught up in the same fever. I am living, eating and breathing cricket as they say. Cheering for India has become more important than sleep and cook.:)

The other day, while surfing channels i happened to see Dhoni's interview and I was actually impressed. A very simple man who spoke about his likes. I envy his patience and calmness. When the whole nation is biting nails watching thrilling matches he's someone who never shows any expression. How he manages to be so cool in such extreme situations is beyond my understanding. People watching the match have their hearts in their sleeves but he's calm and collected. We all have something to learn from him ,his coolness , his attitude ,his calm and composed behavior even in crunch situations and letting his play talk rather than engaging in war of words.
Aggression is good, maybe works also for a lot of people but only when you know where to draw the line and not overdo it. Being reactive is easy but being quiet even when you are being criticized requires a lot of guts and patience. The other day i just read about how people feel he's more money minded because he didn't go back to see his new born ,but trust me had he gone back people would have said that the baby is more important than the National duty of representing the country. Talk of being a double edged sword.

So what we lost the semis, it doesn't question your leadership skills, which time and again you have proved to be great.

Take a bow captain for all the wonderful wins you have given us.

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