Thursday, March 26, 2015

A quickie

The stage is set. With New Zealand winning the first against the South Africans, all attention now on who would be the second Finalist.

OK with a cracker if a match in hands, me too like millions of Indians am rooting for my team to win. We all know that Australians are fighters; they would not give up so easily, play mind games etc. But I still feel we can have a hold over them. Let them talk and let our performance talk.

Common India. Yes #we won’t give it back. Everything including the past records may be against us but on a given day those things doesn't Matter. All that matters is complete focus and the zeal to win. We all know only on team can win, May the best team win.

The first semis was a mind blowing game where till the end no one knew who would go in. With both the teams battling in for a maiden entry in Finals they really played great cricket and NZ survived the pressure and zoomed in.

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  1. India lost the semis but I still feel proud of our boys to have come till the SF in the tournament. It was team effort and we did not play badly, it's just that Australia lifted their game to another level.

    I hardly understand the criticisms of our team in India, it is a sport, a game one team wins and one loses accept it. You can't be a FAN if you are going to be behind the team only in success. It makes you a sycophant.


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