Monday, February 09, 2015

To,one of the best part of my life...

You came..You saw.You conquered..We started living for you..more than us..We forgot that we even had a life before you.It seems our lives are centered only around you..

You have taken over all the attention..u make us feel complete..Now,we live only for you..Your smile is the best thing in our day and life.Taking care of you is the only priority.Not that we are are the best thing happened to us..

You make us happy,proud and your unconditional love makes us feel content.So on this special day i want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Son and thank you for all the precious moments and happiness you gave me as being your mom..

May God bless you with great health,peace,prosperity and all the good luck.May god give you even my share of life and Happiness...

Love you R

Signing off for now..


1 comment:

  1. That was a good one sis... Heartfelt... Happy Birthday Chinks!! Mamu loves you as well...


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