Monday, February 02, 2015

This is for you Hubby..

U and I become "WE"
U complete "ME"

Okay..I give up..I was trying to write some poetic words..but this is all I could come up with.

Yesterday,was a very special day for us..Yes,the day we got married.11 years completed.Time flies.When I sit back i feel it just like it happened yesterday.

We have been together for so much time now,that at times we take each other for granted.Yes,but we also know we can come back to each other whenever,we feel low.That's the beauty of our relationship.

We are friends more than husband-wife,Our relations go beyond marriage and friendship and i am happy and proud of the way it is.I know there's a lot more to know about each other and i am really enjoying this process of discovering and rediscovering each other.

Just want to say a big "Thanks" for being there always supporting me,pampering me,loving me..irrespective of how irritable i am at times.Yes they mean a lot to me and i realize the value although i express them in words rarely,i feel words are not enough to express them.

U complete me..I love you always..


  1. Well.. that really sums it up. Kudos to my bro-in-law for putting up with you. I can attest to how difficult you are, I have the scars to prove it, literal scars... :)

    On a serious note, you guys are good for each other.. you both balance each other out with your strengths and weaknesses and that is what life is all about balance.

  2. P.S: I agree you are bad poet... :P


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