Sunday, February 15, 2015

India Pakistan

So with the World Cup kick starting and a big match for India rather the welcome match for India being the biggest of all..playing arch rivals Pakistan. A cracker of match and with so much hype around i really pity the players. As if the World Cup is not enough we have to open our account against Pakistan.

Funnily,everybody says we lose the world cup is fine but a lose against Pakistan..unforgivable. .As if the players play for losing not winning. .People tend to forget this is a game and not a war..a team would would lose. People should think that everyone wants to win but at the end of the day only one team wins. Just want people to accept that and a little more accommodating..

The other day, a wrong decision caused James Taylor lose his maiden hundred in WC by a whisker. Too bad that the umpires these days also don't know the rules.

Leaving you all now with the match..May the best team win..And YES, i very much want INDIA to win


PS:  Yaay we won as usual..Great team performance and good captaincy..

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  1. I blame the media for creating the hype around India and Pakistan just to make ads more expensive. To play with peoples emotions just for profit is unforgivable and just shows how bad we have become to put profit ahead of people.


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