Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review #4: Shopoholic to the Stars: Sophie Kinsella


Becky Brandon’s eyes are starry, mostly from her fascination with big shot celebrities. She journeys to LA to be with her husband Luke, with her daughter Minnie in tow. There, in the land of multi-million dollar yoga retreats, herbal drinks and celebrities by the dozens, she finds a new dream. Her husband’s client is the famous actress Sage Seymour. Becky is determined to become Sage’s personal stylist, and she dreams of becoming the stylist of every major celebrity in the city. However, when Becky begins to work for Sage’s archrival, things get heated up in her household. Can Luke deal with this conflict? And can Becky keep her relationship and her career balanced?

My View:
I love chick lit novels.. I love reading them when i am stressed or in a foul mood. They lit me up and put a smile on my face. I have been a Becky fan since i read the first of the shopaholic series.. I like the previous editions where in becky is adorable.I was very excited when i got this book and was hoping for a fun read but the book doesn't live up to the expectations. Now the character is bordering in being selfish,ruthless and self centered.. The naive ness and the easy going Becky is lost somewhere. Very unlike what she was in the past books.

I would rate this book as 2.5/5.But i feel now it should be ended nicely without further extensions,its only ruining Becky and Sophie's Image.


  1. SO true!!! Its like we have grown up but somewhere down the line Becky is still the same!!! or rather worst!

  2. You bet, somehow i missed replying to this although very late i hope u read the next one too and the new one My not so perfect life..


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