Monday, January 26, 2015

The power of Now..

"Time is money". We all know and have heard this at least a thousand times in our lifetime.There are a lot of things that we have kept postponing assuming we would get time later to pursue our hobbies.But does that happen???? like really..

When we are kids,lot of us must hv been told to study more and play/read comics less...(you would get a lot of time when you grow up to do these things),then we go to college,work,marriage,kids and this keeps happening to us till we grow old..

So whens the time to pursue our hobbies??? For me,it means NOW.Realize the power of "NOW". We have already wasted a huge part of our lives,waiting for the right time.The right time,my friend is now not some moment when we realize we lived our lives without fulfilling any of our hobbies and small small pleasures of life.

There's no right age for pursuing your dreams or hobbies.So enjoy the gola from the golawala,run in the rains,read comics and laugh like there's no tomorrow..

Enjoy every moment of life.

Happy Republic Day to all of you..

Vande Mataram

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