Thursday, January 29, 2015

One Saturday

Last Saturday was a funny one.My son had a taekwondo competition for which he was supposed to be out from morning 7 to evening 7.His Sir didn't want parents to be present there because kids get distracted seeing their parents and don't concentrate on their performance.

We got him ready and dropped him at the destination at the said time.After he went,the house was empty and we both staring at each other wondering what to do the whole day.Very not used to spend so much time without him around was a new feeling and we were still trying to come in terms with it.

We planned to stay home as per hubby's plan but then realized the boring ness (if there's a word like that) in it.Then we decided to go out and we went out for a start wondering what to do.The thing was since he was born we were so used to have him around us that "only two of us" feeling was yet to sink in.We conveniently forgot about the first 5 years we were together without him around..:) Talk about the power of having a kid..

When we went out and started chatting we realized that the "we" in us was somewhere missing in being a parent.We completely forgot about being a team before him too..With his birthday round the corner,we shopped for him and actually enjoyed the time as we could shop without him hurrying to go to Toy Shop.We actually enjoyed the day and were looking forward to see him..

But i terribly missed running around the mall shouting and looking for him.Eating something he likes to eat etc.Very rightly said by someone.."Once a mom always a mom".

PS: He came in evening with a gold and silver yes,it was a day of happiness. Couldn't have asked for more..time with hubby alone and kiddo winning.

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  1. Now that's my nephew!!! Goes after his uncle you see, being an over achiever and all... but seriously.. Kavi I agree to the fact that a kid changes life for the parents. Two become three and the couple gets lost within the family.

    The only way to have the best of both worlds, is to take some time off for yourselves without the kiddo being underfoot. You may discover that you have made a new turn in your relationship....

    Now that's called unsolicited advice... a bachelor giving relationship advice to married folks... ;)


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